Hydraulic Pressure Switches Distributor

Aerospace Control Products, Inc. hydraulic pressure switches have been in service for over twenty years.

They are used in a wide variety of extreme environment applications in the aerospace and other industries, including: business jets, helicopters, military launch vehicles, submarines, light aircraft amphibious floats, and in airline service.

This experienced product group includes over 100 variations of the basic design.

Design / Operating Principle

ACPI Hydraulic Pressure Switches incorporate a fluid actuated piston which exerts system hydraulic force against a series of disc springs. This movement is transferred via a plunger mechanism to a spring/lever device. The spring/lever transfers this movement to the snap-action switch. The spring/lever also protects the snap-action switch from damage due to sudden over-pressure spikes. Various devices and techniques are used to produce the proper amount of minimum and maximum travel of the mechanism. These travel limits, along with the spring lever, serve to protect the snap-action switch (Microswitch®) from over-travel and other damage caused by pressure spikes and surges. The piston type unit is inherently resistant to pump ripple and other forms of repetitive pressure changes that typically cause problems for other types of designs.

Options within this family of switches consist primarily of switching and operating pressures, the operating fluid, the pressure port configuration/mounting method, the connector type/wire leads, and the electrical load to be handled. Several body sizes/styles are available.

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