About Aerospace Control Products, Inc. (ACPI)

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Aerospace Control Products, Inc. (ACPI) was established in 1979, after acquiring the rights to the Gorn Switch product line. With these rights ACPI continued the production of this famous line of products, originally established in the 1960's.

Today, ACPI continues to build and support all of the original designs, plus several recently introduced ACPI designs. The product line consists of a wide variety of types and configurations of pressure switches and liquid level (float) switches. These units are primarily designed for the severe environmental requirements of all types of aircraft, military electronics, and military vehicle applications. Other applications include nuclear power plants, high value machine tool devices, and railroad equipment.

ACPI also maintains an FAA Repair Station to service and repair its products.

ACPI's customers include most of the major airframe makers and numerous sub tier manufacturers.

In 1991, ACPI acquired CME, Inc. of Manassas VA, a manufacturer of secondary standards and test equipment for gas flow measurement. Since CME sells equipment primarily in the commercial market, a CME Division was created to separate its operation from ACPI's existing Aerospace Division.

Quality Policy / Objectives / Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist our customers in manufacturing a high quality, cost competitive finished product for the ultimate end user.

By always considering our customers as partners in this mission, we will achieve our goals by producing high quality products with on-time deliveries.

Just as important to this partnership is our responsiveness to customer needs. Our commitment to superior responsiveness to customer needs is one of the basic founding principles at ACPI.

Our customers have learned that they have a dependable partner in Aerospace Control Products, Inc.

Continuous quality improvement is embedded in ACPI's corporate culture. From top management to the production floor, ACPI is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality products and services. ACPI is constantly striving to improve its processes to enhance the quality of its products and services.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will quickly create a switch to meet your specifications.


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